Tree Planting with Friends of Cedarvale Park

300 trees were planted by volunteers today!

Saturday, May 12, 2018


I'm not afraid to roll up my sleeves, get my hands dirty, and plant some trees! It was a beautiful morning to help Friends of Cedarvale Park during their annual tree plant: 300 trees were planted today, and 1,500 have been planted in Cedervale Park over the past few years. 

We know climate change is real, because we’re living through it right now. Even right here in Ontario, we're seeing extreme highs and lows in temperatures, and storms and floods that have impacted many families.

It's imperative that we protect - and continue to build on - the environmental gains made by Ontario Liberals: shutting down coal plans, protecting bees and other pollinators, creating the Green Belt, and reducing Green House Gas emissions through our cap-and-trade program. 

Our plan to protect the environment and fight climate change makes polluters pay by putting a cap on the greenhouse gases that businesses release into the atmosphere. 
We are reinvesting every one of those dollars, allowing us to invest up to nearly $2 billion a year in green projects - like transit, housing retrofits, and electric vehicle charging stations – that fight climate change and save Ontarians money.
The proceeds from cap-and-trade are invested directly into green projects that fight climate change and save Ontarians money, including local investments in:
  • Bike Lanes: $25,639,264
  • Social Housing Retrofits: $42,948,937
  • School Retrofits: $13,407,442
The costs of not acting are far greater than the costs of reducing greenhouse gas pollution.