Investing in the skilled trades

The Ontario Liberals are ensuring opportunities remain available for jobs and apprenticeships in the skilled trades

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Earlier today I joined Premier Wynne and Finance Minister Charles Sousa at the Finishing Trades Institute to talk about the Liberal plan to invest in health care, education, supports for seniors, childcare and other vital social infrastructure. Our plan includes important investments in apprenticeship programs to help build up the skilled trades to create jobs and strengthen our economy.

Our plan is realistic and attainable. It’s a fully costed plan that will make unprecedented investments in mental health, continue to allow low and middle income students to attend post secondary tuition-free, provide seniors with free prescription medication and offer universal access to childcare for preschoolers aged 2.5 and up.

There are concerning costing errors in the NDP platform, which effectively defund billions of dollars in important services, including $170 million in investments in apprenticeship programs, $300 million in funding for women's shelters and ending gender-based violence, and $62 million in autism funding.

We need to continue building on the gains we have made. I'm proud of the Ontario we have built, and our plan will allow us to protect the progress we have made and build for an even better future.