Strong, local representation Toronto-St. Paul's can count on

Today I made a commitment to stand up for education, childcare, and tenant’s rights as MPP for Toronto-St. Paul’s.

Monday, June 4, 2018


Today I made a commitment to stand up for education, childcare, and tenant’s rights as MPP for Toronto-St. Paul’s. 

Serving and advocating for others in my community is what I’m passionate about and what I’m best at. I know how to stand up for people. And that’s what we need and expect government to do, too. I believe it is time for a new generation of MPPs to take a seat in the Legislature, and I am confident that as your representative at Queen’s Park, when I speak up for our community, we will be heard.

As MPP for Toronto-St. Paul’s, I will introduce a private member’s bill to ban above guideline rent increases (AGIs) in the province, which would directly benefit the almost 60% of people in this riding who are renters.

You can read the transcript of my announcement below, or watch the video.



Thank you very much Jennifer for being here today and for your support.

Thank you also to Councillor Josh Matlow.

I’m here to talk to you about the importance of this election.

In uncertain times, we need strong, local representation at Queen’s Park and I am here for you as that voice.

I’m running to be your MPP because I care about our community. I grew up in this riding and midtown Toronto is my home.

I am a lawyer and advocate. Standing up for people is what I am best at.

This is a change election.

And I represent change.

I will be part of a new generation of MPPs.

I will provide a strong, confident voice for our community...

And I will bring a fresh perspective to Queen’s Park.

I have had the opportunity to meet with thousands of people in all corners of this riding.

From knocking on doors and making phone calls, I can tell you there are a few things I have loud and clear from people, time and time again.

As your MPP, I will focus on these priorities:

First, Education.

Ontario has one of the best education systems in the world.

The results of investments in education speak for themselves - class sizes are DOWN, and graduation rates are UP.

As your representative, I want to make sure we are providing students with the best education we can offer.

Our local schools are aging, moreso here than in other communities. Our schools require significant repairs and renovations.

There are tools in the toolbox to help Toronto schools unlock more funding for growth and repairs, like leveraging Education Development Charges, or EDCs.

I will fight to ensure that Toronto Schools get their fair share of funding.

Second, it’s time to get serious about child care.

Recently, I became an aunt for the first time.

My nephew is 4 months old, and my sister, who lives in Toronto, is already worried about finding affordable childcare for her little guy.

So many moms in Toronto-St. Paul’s are in the same boat.

They are on waitlists for daycare before their babies are even born,

…and they don’t know if a spot will become available by the time they plan to go back to work.

No matter which party forms the next government, I will advocate STRONGLY to ensure additional childcare spaces are created in Toronto-St. Paul’s….

And when these spaces are created, I will fight to ensure that they are affordable for all families.

Finally, I want to talk about renters in our community

60% of people in this riding are renters.

Toronto is expensive. Rising rents are making housing unaffordable for people in our neighbourhoods.

The government has taken some positive steps to address this by expanding rent controls, but it isn’t enough.

There is more we need to do to create fairness for tenants.

As your MPP, my first order of business will be to introduce a Private Member’s Bill

…that will ban above guideline rent increases for renters.

Renters deserve certainty when it comes to their monthly costs, and I will champion this issue at Queen’s Park.

This is a critical election.

Now more than ever, we need a representative who knows our riding, who has strong relationships with our federal and municipal partners…

…so that we can work together to get things done for our community.

I am focused on being a strong, confident voice for Toronto-St. Paul’s…

…and I will FIGHT for this community at Queen’s Park.

I’ll now turn things over to my friend, City Councillor Josh Matlow.